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Research roundup

A changing snapshot of recent reviews and other articles.

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NEW Risk of inferior alveolar nerve injury with coronectomy vs surgical extraction of mandibular third molars—A comparison of two techniques and review of the literature Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 2018; 45 (3): 250-7

TMJ disorders

NEW Reliability and validity of the diagnostic criteria for temporomandibular disorders axis I in clinical and research settings: a critical appraisal Journal of Oral & Facial Pain and Headache 2018; 32 (1): 7-18

Prosthetic dentistry

NEW The randomized shortened dental arch study: tooth loss over 10 years International Journal of Prosthodontics 2018; 31 (1): 77-84


NEW Identification and appraisal of outcome measures used to evaluate hypodontia care: A systematic review

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American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics 2018; 153 (2): 184-94.e18

Impacted teeth

NEW Open versus closed surgical exposure for permanent impacted canines: a systematic review and meta-analyses European Journal of Orthodontics 2018; 40 (1): 1-10

Guided tissue regeneration

Effectiveness of contour augmentation with guided bone regeneration: 10-year results Journal of Dental Research 2018; 97 (3): 266-74

Oral cancer

Patient-reported quality of life outcomes following treatment for oral cancer

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International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 2018; 47 (3): 296-301

Dental anxiety

Non-pharmacological interventions for reducing mental distress in patients undergoing dental procedures: systematic review and meta-analysis

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Journal of Dentistry 2018; 69: 22-31

Dry socket

A prospective randomised clinical study on evaluation of platelet-rich fibrin versus zinc oxide eugenol in the management of alveolar osteitis Oral Surgery 2018; 11 (1): 41-9

Dental health education

Effectiveness of oral health education on oral hygiene and dental caries in schoolchildren: systematic review and meta-analysis Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology 2018; 46 (1): 30-7


A systematic review and meta-analysis of epidemiologic observational evidence on the effect of periodontitis on diabetes. An update of the EFP-AAP reviewJournal of Clinical Periodontology 2018; 45 (2): 167-87​
Scientific evidence on the links between periodontal diseases and diabetes: Consensus report and guidelines of the joint workshop on periodontal diseases and diabetes by the International Diabetes Federation and the European Federation of Periodontology Journal of Clinical Periodontology 2018; 45 (2): 138-49

Impression taking

Digital versus conventional impressions in fixed prosthodontics: a review Journal of Prosthodontics 2018; 27 (1): 35-41


Parameters to define peri-implantitis: a review and a proposed multi-domain scaleJournal of Oral Implantology 2017; 43 (6): 491-6​
Peri-implantitis management in the esthetic zone in a periodontally compromised patient: five-year results including cone beam computed tomographyInternational Journal of Periodontics & Restorative Dentistry 2018; 38 (1): e8-e16​

Special care dentistry

NEW A multi-centre randomised clinical trial of oral hygiene interventions following stroke—A 6-month trial​Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 2018; 45 (2): 132-9

Dental caries

NEW Can oral ADS activity or arginine levels be a caries risk indicator? A systematic review and meta-analysis​​Clinical Oral Investigations 2018; 22 (2): 583-96​

Dental implants

NEW Effect of submerged vs nonsubmerged implant placement protocols on implant failure and marginal bone loss: a systematic review and meta-analysis​International Journal of Prosthodontics 2018; 31 (1): 15-22
Long-term outcomes of narrow diameter implants in posterior jaws: A retrospective study with at least 8-year follow-up​Clinical Oral Implants Research 2018; 29 (1): 76-81

Restorative dentistry

NEW A new classification system for the restoration of root filled teeth​​​International Endodontic Journal 2018; 51 (3): 318-34


NEW What is the outcome of an incision and drainage procedure in endodontic patients? A prospective, randomized, single-blind study

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​Journal of Endodontics 2018; 44 (2): 193-201


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