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Color in dentistry: a clinical guide to predictable esthetics


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"Many factors influence our ability to achieve accurate shade-matching results, including subjectivity, shade-matching tools, materials, methods, and conditions. Nonetheless, the importance of color education and training should not be underestimated..."

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Aesthetics: shade matching package of articles

Modern esthetic dentistry - an A to Z guided workflow


​Shortcuts in esthetic dentistry

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"This clinically driven text focuses on the difficulties of esthetic restorative dentistry with the aim of revealing simple and practical solutions to common questions and problems. Each chapter is organized into a series of questions the reader may have; these questions are then answered in detail using scientific evidence and case presentations."

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Esthetic and restorative dentistry: material selection and technique (2nd Ed)

Esthetic dentistry : A clinical approach to techniques and materials (3rd Ed)


​​​​Manual of clinical procedures in dentistry

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"This manual provides guidance on procedures in primary dental care. In contrast to the countless traditional books detailing the knowledge and science behind specific aspects of dentistry, this manual is a comprehensive, practical guide to the delivery of effective, state of the art oral healthcare - the 'what, when and how' of clinical practice."

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Essential skills for dentists

Pre-clinical dental skills at a glance


Microsurgery in endodontics

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"The differences between traditional endodontic surgery and microendodontic surgery are vast and profound. The surgical concept, instruments, and materials are all different and there is little similarity between the old and the new techniques. The only similarity is the purpose - to save teeth."

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Endodontic microsurgery

Color atlas of microsurgery in endodontics


Platelet rich fibrin in regenerative dentistry: biological background and clinical indications

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"...PRF is not a miracle product or a treat-all scaffold that can be utilized for every clinical application. It follows biological principles and guidelines that have been outlined in this book and more importantly documented over many years."

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The dental pulp: biology, pathology, and regenerative therapies

Osteology guidelines for oral & maxillofacial regeneration: clinical research

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