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Biography and quirky



We have some varied and interesting biographies of dentists and eminent medical professionals.   

Email if you would like to borrow any of them.


New books in the collection

Licensed to drill: dentist on the loose by Barrie Lawrence.

More humorous tales of Barrie's time in practice since his "license to drill" in 1968. Each chapter smoothly linking his life to a suitable James Bond film...

This book is available to borrow from the BDA library.

"Partial and full dentures are made to fit the mouth precisely, and will not fit anybody else. Having said that, I had one couple attend the surgery who shared a set of teeth, and ate their meals consecutively, passing the teeth from one to the other. They had done this for so many years that they could not remember whether they were his, hers, or somebody else's. And they fitted neither of them." 

On the toss of a coin- a memoir of a near-death illness.. and my fight for survival by Michael Wise.

Struck down suddenly by a near-fatal streptococcal blood infection leading to organ failure, coma and life support, this book details Michael Wise's "fight for survival and rehabilitation".

This book is available to borrow from the BDA library.

"As I slowly re-entered the world, the realisation of surroundings became more obvious, as did that of the state of my body. Weakness, emaciation, stubble, black toes, blackish legs, hands and legs that I could not move. It didn’t feel as though I was paralysed, more that I was restricted and then, on looking, I could see that I was. There was a layer of thick, unyielding skin covering my legs, feet, hands and arms. A surgeon came with a big pair of scissors and with glee cut through this skin layer, as if he was cutting through a piece of cardboard, opening a present." 

Henry Louis Bertrand - Dentist Artist Murderer by John H Edwards.

The life of this English dentist who went out to Australia and sensationally murdered his lover's husband was previously somewhat melodramatically treated in the book, The Amorous Dentist. Finding himself working in a building on the site of "the mad dentist's" house in Sydney, the author of this new biography then spent four years researching Bertrand's life and the effect the murder had on his upper middle class Melbourne family.

This book is available to borrow from the BDA library.

"Henry's boastful nature was now his undoing - he just couldn't shut up. Relying on his older sister's loyalty and discretion and probably liberated from inhibition by his drug habits, he confessed to her the truth of Kinder's death. This confession...placed her in a heartbreaking dilemma - to protect her brother or to give the evidence which would be most crucial to his conviction and sentence to death by hanging..." 


A number of our more "quirky" titles have been put together in a booklet

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