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Supra-gingival minimally invasive dentistry: a healthier approach to esthetic restorations


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"Subgingival margin placement should no longer be considered normal or necessary. The continued use of mechanically retained traditional restorative dentistry principles has many disadvantages, and the solution is supragingival minimally invasive dentistry..."

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Minimally invasive periodontal therapy: clinical techniques and visualization technology

Minimally invasive esthetics: essentials of esthetic dentistry - volume three


​RBFDPs - Resin-bonded fixed dental prostheses - minimally invasive - esthetic - reliable

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"This book is explicitly not a textbook that considers dental materials, or alternative bonding procedures, or treatment methods comprehensively. Instead, it shows in detail how single-retainer cantilever RBFDPs can be applied clinically successfully. It also shows in which (rare) cases a single-retainer design should not be used and how instead a splinting of two retainers or two-retainer fixed-to-fixed RBFDPs might be successfully used."

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Resin-bonded bridges package of articles

Contemporary fixed prosthodontics (5th edition)


​​​​Root caries: from prevalence to therapy

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"This monograph takes the reader from the epidemiology of root caries through its biological determinants and lesion assessment and features to build up a comprehensive background for the last part of the book, preventive and operative therapies... only after understanding the patients at risk and risk factors, and the pathological mechanisms and features of the disease, will the clinician be fully equipped to successfully fight and win the battle."

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Caries: root caries package of articles

Evidence-based caries prevention


​Dental management of the medically compromised patient (9th ed)

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"The purpose of this book remains to give dental providers an up-to-date, concise, factual reference work describing the dental management of patients with medical problems...This book is not a comprehensive medical reference but rather a book containing enough core information about each of the medical conditions covered to enable readers to recognize the basis for various dental management recommendations."

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Scully's handbook of medical problems in dentistry

ADA practical guide to patients with medical conditions (2nd edition)


Management of fractured endodontic instruments - a clinical guide

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"A great variety of foreign objects may be found in the root canal compromising of cleaning and shaping procedures, with a potential impact on the treatment outcome. These foreign objects may be largely attributed to iatrogenic errors."

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Foreign bodies package of articles

Fractured instrument removal - a systematic approach - multimedia compendium (includes DVD showing clinical case demonstrations)

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