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​Brighter smiles for Greater Manchester: our manifesto

The British Dental Association is calling on the Greater Manchester mayoral candidates to support our 5-point plan to improve oral health across the area. 

Greater Manchester is at the bottom of the UK league table for oral health.

In fact, of the ten local authorities with the poorest children's oral health outcomes in England, three are in Greater Manchester. Today 5-year-olds in areas like Salford and Oldham are more than six times more likely to have decay than their peers in Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt's constituency.

A child in Greater Manchester is 60% more likely to end up having to be admitted to hospital to have multiple decayed teeth extracted under general anaesthesia than an average child in England. Over the past four years the area saw more than 15,000 of these painful and completely preventable procedures, costing the local NHS over £13 million. This needs to change.

We think all children deserve the best start in life, and the first elected Greater Manchester mayor must show leadership and act on this important issue. We have contacted mayoral candidates with our oral health manifesto for the city-region, asking them to pledge to improve oral health in the area if elected.

Five pledges to deliver better oral health in Greater Manchester
  1. Plan for the future It's time for an ambitious long-term strategy to turn around oral health across Greater Manchester.
  2. Invest in children's oral health Build on tried and tested programmes from across the UK to give kids the best start in life, starting from birth. 
  3. End the scandal of child tooth extractions Prevent children facing costly and avoidable extractions under general anaesthesia in our hospitals.
  4. Extend "Healthy Living Dentistry" scheme Expand local initiatives delivering real results on healthy lifestyle and dental attendance.
  5. Make Manchester a low-sugar city Reduce the sugar driving decay in schools and workplaces.

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