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Graduate membership

All the benefits of Essential membership at a special rate for graduates

If you are a student member for 12 months before graduation, then you qualify for our graduate membership offer - all the benefits of Essential membership for just 52p a day:

Expert advice

Whenever you need help, log in to check our expert advice on everything from associate contracts to tax. Written by solicitors, barristers and HR experts who live and breathe dentistry, we know your world and will help you through it.

If and when things go wrong, we’ll help with mediation for associateship disputes between members to avoid costly adversarial litigation. We know how important relationships are in a small profession like yours.

Associate contract checking

We'll check your associate contract to make sure it's appropriate and legally sound. Paying for this on the high street could set you back £1000.

In the CDS?

Find out more about the CDS support on offer.

Essential CPD

Joining as a member gets you access to 200 hours of CPD per year to show your commitment to professionalism. Earn, track and manage your learning in our CPD hub

Enjoy access to the BDJ portfolio and Europe’s largest dental library.

Learn together

If you prefer something more interactive, get discounts on our events: training days, lecture-based seminars, practical hands-on workshops, multi-speaker conferences, and live evening webinars.

Connect with colleagues through a branch or section event happening near you.

Keep up to date

Join your peers and colleagues enjoying the BDJ twice a month and stay up to date with what's happening in dentistry around the UK with BDJ In Practice and regular newsletters.

Looking after the people that matter

If you, your spouse or a dependant need counselling or emotional support, call Health Assured whenever you need it. You can access the confidential helpline 24/7, 365 days a year. You’re not alone.

The support of your trade union

We represent dentistry to governments and the regulator. Activism isn't for everyone but lending your support just by being a part of the BDA means we have a louder voice: Together, we're stronger.

For £15.75 per month

Email [email protected] or call 020 7563 4550 to claim the offer. 

Please note that if you’re not already a member, unfortunately our special graduate rate is not available.

Find your plan

Benefits at a glance

Compare and contrast our three main membership plans - Essential, Extra and Expert - to find the right choice for you.
BDA membership benefits of Essential, Extra and Expert at glance