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Empowering Accredited Representatives: Updated course overview

In early March, newly elected Accredited Representatives (ARs) from across the UK were invited to the first module of the updated Trade Union Induction Course.

Varun Kaura Senior Dental Officer

The ARs work within the Salaried Dental Services which ranges from Specialists in Special Care Dentistry to Dental Officers. The day of learning was marked by its intensity, interactivity, and engagement, providing a platform for the networking and knowledge enhancement crucial for effective representation.

Understanding the role of Accredited Representatives

ARs, also known as union representatives, play a vital role in advocating for the rights and interests of members within the workplace. ARs act as intermediaries between the union and its members, ensuring fairness, resolving disputes, and negotiating on behalf of employees.

ARs act as intermediaries between the union and its members.

Effective organising strategies

The course offered the opportunity for participants to delve into the range of organising strategies that are effective in enacting positive change in the workplace. The approaches discussed include one-on-one conversations, and collective action, as well as working with other trade union colleagues through local joint forums. Over the course of the day, we learnt that organising is not just about numbers but is also about the importance of solidarity and empowering one another to stand up for our rights.

Navigating Trade Union legislation

The importance of the legal framework that governs our work was highlighted which gave us a strong basis for understanding the most effective methods to use when advocating our rights. This was delivered through informative, interactive, and engaging sessions, enabling us to grasp, and become more familiar with, the important laws and regulations that protect and maintain worker rights.

Harnessing workplace mapping

The workplace mapping exercise section of the course helps us to understand where members sit in an organisation. Using this method supports ARs to ascertain the number of members within the Salaried Services for the area they represent. This offers insight into why colleagues are not a part of the union, as well as encouraging colleagues to become members by highlighting the many benefits on offer.

Our union's strength lies in the empowerment of its members.

Improving workplaces for members

Our union's strength lies in the empowerment of its members. By fostering active engagement, mutual support, and a commitment to fairness, inclusivity, and sustainability, we strive to create workplaces that benefit all. I look forward to attending the second part of the course in early June.