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4.5% pay award confirmed for GDPs

Following a letter from the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care in September, we have received a memorandum confirming an amendment to the Statement of Dental Remuneration for General Dental Practitioners (GDPs).

Amendment No. 158 To The SDR Pay Award For GDPs 25 October 2022 MEMORANDUM

A pay award of 4.5% for GDPs will be implemented with effect from 1 November 2022. The award will apply to gross item of service fees as well as capitation and continuing care payments. The award will also be applied to multiplier and bridging payments for the 2022/23 financial year.

The pay award will be included in the November 2022 paid December 2022 schedule, with backdated payments being made in the December 2022 paid January 2023 schedule. If you have any enquiries relating to these changes you can submit any questions to your local NHS Board.

Vocational trainees' salary will increase to £2937.17 per month (£35,246 per annum) with effect from 1 April 2022.

Future sustainability of NHS dentistry in Scotland, will depend on several factors, from contract reform, funding, and fair pay. We will continue to push for action to ensure dentistry can recover from the pandemic and continue to provide essential healthcare to meet the needs of the population. We will keep you updated as we continue to remind officials that without adequate funding, patients will lose out on much-needed care.