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Activity thresholds unchanged until 7 March

The Department of Health has said that the current minimum 25% threshold will remain in place for activity until 7 March. A review of thresholds is currently underway, and practitioners will be given one month's notice before any new minimum threshold is introduced.

It is the Department's intention to move support away from the historic 2019/20 Baseline Assessment Year (BAY) to one that is based solely on actual activity, with further details to follow.

It has also been confirmed that payment for Level 2 PPE claims under Item 30 will continue to be made, where the dentist has assessed this is clinically necessary. This approach is to be in place until March 2022.

Finally, the Minister has committed to implementing the 3% recommended DDRB pay uplift for 2021/22 as soon as possible.

Letter to GDPS - GDS update 7 January 2022