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ARF increase risks undermining hard-won progress on regulation

The GDC has today signalled it will increase annual fees for registrants as part of its emerging strategic plan for 2023-25.

The regulator has signalled its intentions to raise fees above levels set in 2019, to around £730 (+7%) for dentists and to around £120 (+5%) for dental care professionals and that fee levels will track inflation.

We have been clear that this will only undermine progress in rebuilding trust and confidence in the regulator among the profession.

"Any hike in the ARF is impossible to justify while the GDC is sitting on vast reserves." Chair of the our Ethics, Education and Dental Team Working Group, Shareena Ilyas reacted. "Any further fee increases will only undermine any gains when it comes to restoring this profession's confidence in its regulator."

The costs of providing care are spiralling, while the real incomes for all team members have collapsed; associate dentists have seen real incomes fall by nearly 40% in the last decade, with coming recommendations from the Review Body on Doctors' and Dentists' Remuneration (DDRB) unlikely to insulate colleagues from a mounting cost of living crisis.

We will provide a full response to the consultation in due course.