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​BDA Benevolent Fund: London marathon 2021

This year three dentists are running the London marathon on behalf of the BDA Benevolent Fund. The fund is a charity which supports dentists, dental students and their families who are living in financial hardship.

Now more than ever, the BDA Benevolent Fund is needed to support struggling dentists and dental students. Dental students were particularly badly hit by COVID-19, when many of the part-time jobs they relied on disappeared. Thankfully, the Benevolent Fund was able to provide record levels of support.

To allow them to continue providing this essential support into the future, please consider donating to their marathon runners:

“This is my first marathon and every penny that anybody donates will be hugely appreciated by me and the charity I am supporting.” – Dr Helen Reddington

“I can't wait to get going with training in full flow and I look forward to all your help and support in sponsoring me for what is a fantastic cause and organisation!” - Dr. Zayd Rawoot

“I am a dental student currently studying at King's College London... I would appreciate your help in raising some money for such an amazing charity.” - Ronan Lee