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Changes to dental foundation training

Contracts for Educational Supervisors and Foundation Dentists were shared with us by Health Education England (HEE) at the beginning of July.

These reflect a move to Lead Employer Arrangements involving NHS Trusts. We suggested a number of changes, developed a number of comments and outlined issues with the documents that will be either difficult, or unfair and unreasonable.

Our comments are with HEE in the hope that these issues will be addressed. We have also asked for copies of policies that are referenced in the contracts but have not been shared with us. Given the shortness of time we were given to consider these we are also reserving the right to bring further issues forward so that these versions are not final.

We have received a number of queries from members on these contracts and processes, and as the start of the new DFT year is nearing there may be an expectation to sign. However, for now we must advise our members to wait to see whether our changes are taken on board by HEE, and we have asked them not to put pressure on people to sign before the contracts are finalised. It is likely that these discussions will continue during August, and we will provide another update with answers to your questions as soon as further discussions have been held.