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Clarity for mixed practices on £500 COVID payments

We have secured clarity for mixed practices in Scotland regarding the £500 COVID payments.

We now know that as long as practices provide a degree of NHS treatment, the ratio of NHS/private work does not affect payment eligibility.

All NHS dentists and dental teams are eligible for the payment, including administrative staff, practice managers and cleaners, as long as they are employed by the practice. Only employees are eligible to receive the £68 National Insurance contribution; this is not available for those who are self-employed.

Last week, the Scottish Government issued guidance to those working within an independent service provider setting, including GDPs and their teams, which explains how to receive the £500 one-off payment for helping Scotland cope with the pandemic.

This guidance provides information on:

who in the practice is eligible to receive the payment
arrangements for part time, locum and sessional workers
how to apply by submitting the relevant form to Practitioner Services by 21 February 2021.
Claims received after the submission date will not be considered. If you have further questions, see the FAQs they have compiled for more information.