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Contract reform event leaves questions unanswered

In March, the Welsh Government presented us with a fully formed draft of the new GDS contract terms, with only a week to provide feedback. Following this, an engagement event was held online to give dental teams an opportunity to ask questions about the future.

Over 500 of you registered for the event to raise your questions and concerns regarding the proposed new way of working. The event included breakout sessions to ask questions about reform and information about the metrics for 2022-23.

Following the event, 91 attendees completed feedback forms which included a survey:

  • Only 32 respondents felt they had the opportunity to discuss and receive answers to their questions about the GDS Reform Programme
  • 45 respondents were aware of the Welsh Government policy direction on dentistry in Wales, 21 weren’t aware and 23 were not sure
  • The majority understood the main aims of the GDS Reform Programme after the event
  • Just under half didn’t know who to contact with questions or feedback about the programme.

Feedback following the event was mixed, while the information provided gave a useful overview, many attendees felt frustrated with the event. The opportunity for Q&A breakout sessions were well-received, however, there was inadequate time to address many questions, or the answers given were not detailed enough and points were not clarified.

A lot of concerns have been raised about the approach to the proposal and the lack of consultation time. Delegates left the engagement event feeling it was organised quite hastily, without enough time for the things discussed there to truly impact on upcoming decisions. The full report following the event is available if you would like more information about what was discussed.

With many of you feeling overwhelmed by the changes, practice owners have been in touch with our Advice Team as they decide how to move forward. To support our members, we have produced advice on the options available.

If you would like further advice or to discuss the options in more detail, our Extra and Expert members can call our advice line, 020 7935 0875 or email [email protected].