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Dental Foundation Trainees can support additional NHS sessions

Following NHS England's pledge of £50 million extra funding to provide additional urgent care for NHS patients, Health Education England's postgraduate dental Deans have released a statement supporting the involvement of Dental Foundation Trainees (Foundation Dentists – FDs) in the delivery of these additional sessions.

In order to prioritise the training and wellbeing of trainees, the following criteria must be met:

  • The FD voluntarily agrees to provide additional sessions
  • The sessions (one session is 3.5 hours) should be limited in number, four to six sessions a month ensuring at least one weekend free a fortnight
  • There should be appropriate named support available on site to the FD during the clinical sessions, ideally the Educational Supervisor (ES) but may be an experienced dentist who has agreed to support the FD
  • The FD must have received an Outcome 1 at Interim RCP (Outcomes available by the end of February 2022)
  • The trainee must have support of their ES and TPD to undertake sessions
  • The request needs approval of the local HEE Dental Dean or nominated deputy
  • Clinical activity undertaken in the additional session can be recorded on the FD's portfolio, it is expected that they would see four to six patients a session. The activity will, however, be outside of the expected 1875 UDA activity target of a FD
  • FDs should inform their indemnifier prior to undertaking additional sessions to ensure their indemnifier is aware of 'out of training' clinical activity and may be required to pay an additional fee.