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Extended PPE and consultation deadline

The Scottish Government confirmed in December that they will continue to fund provision of PPE for NHS dentistry until March 2023.

CDO Letter - Managing impact on NHS Dental Services over winter

The Government previously committed to provide PPE until the end of March 2022 and Ministers agreed to extend the current arrangements for up to a further year, subject to current guidance still being in place. National Services Scotland (NSS) will keep PPE arrangements under review throughout the year, with a view to introducing lasting arrangements that align with longer-term post-pandemic plans.

The Government is now working to ensure Scotland is fully prepared for any future pandemic situation through the PPE Futures Programme and is looking for your feedback on PPE provision. The consultation seeks views on the lessons that should be learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, and the proposed new strategic arrangements for pandemic PPE supply in Scotland, specifically public sector collaboration on PPE supply, future stockpiling arrangements, and how they can support private and third sector organisations in the event of a future pandemic.

The consultation will be open until 22 March with an aim to have a clear strategy in place by the end of March 2022, and an implementation plan prepared, with practical implementation to begin in due course.