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GDC Annual Retention Fee reminder

Ensure that payments are made

Dentists who pay the GDC Annual Retention Fee (ARF) yearly must ensure that payments are made by midnight on 31 December 2023.

The fee for dentists is £621 per year and for dentists who hold specialist titles, an annual fee of £72 per title will also be collected.

You can pay by card online via eGDC. If you do not have an account, you will need to create one first to manage your registration online. If you pay by annual direct debit, the fee will be taken in early December. Quarterly direct debit payments will also go out in early December. It is strongly advised that you check the payment has gone out at the correct time.

If there is an issue which results in the payment not being made, and you do not notice an issue, there is a risk that your GDC registration will be stopped, resulting in an inability to continue working and a potential delay with returning to the GDC register. If you start receiving reminders from the GDC by email or SMS during December, please ensure you check these as they are likely to highlight a potential issue with the payment. 

It is important that you also submit declarations of indemnity cover and Continuing Professional Development compliance at the relevant times.