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Get your MP to speak up for dentistry

We've helped secure a major debate on access to NHS dentistry in Parliament on 10 February.

We're now asking all dentists working in GDS in England to write to their MP now to highlight the issues dentists are facing, and the impact on their patients. It just takes 5 minutes. You can find the email details of your MP here.

Five things to consider:

Your story can be powerful. Show how the crisis this service now faces is impacting on your practice and the patients you treat:

  1. We face an access crisis. Over 38 million appointments have been lost since lockdown, and oral health inequality is set to widen. Explain what you're seeing, and how you are struggling to deal with an unprecedented backlog.
  2. Dentistry is hanging by a thread. An exodus is in motion. Morale is at an all-time low and many dedicated NHS colleagues are now looking to the exit.
  3. We need real reform. Dentists are working to a contract that punishes colleagues – 12 years after it was promised, we need to finally see a contract that recognises and rewards commitment and prevention.
  4. We can't rebuild the service on an ever-shrinking budget. The government has just offered £50 million in time-limited funding. This is no more than a sticking plaster. After a decade of savage cuts, we need fair funding to underpin a new system.
  5. Get them to take action. Ask your MP to commit to attend and speak up about this in Parliament on 10 February at 13.30.

When emailing your MP you must include your postcode, and please copy in [email protected] so we can follow this up with them on your behalf.

Please do also get in touch through [email protected] if you need any advice, guidance, or data on your local area.

We will continue to keep up the pressure in Parliament and the press.