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Indicative industrial action survey for hospital dental trainees

The BMA negotiates both junior doctors and dentists' contracts on our behalf, including pay and conditions, using the feedback and views you share with us.

On 1 October 2022, the BMA UK Junior Doctors Committee voted to proceed to a ballot for industrial action from 9 January 2023 in England only.

Junior doctors have also now entered a trade dispute with government after concluding that the failure to make any effort to restore real terms cuts to junior doctors' pay has left no choice but to enter a trade dispute.

Our Central Committee for Hospital Dental Services (CCHDS) represents dental staff working in hospitals on dental and medical terms and conditions across the UK and this includes hospital-based dentists in training.

The Committee want to gauge your appetite for taking industrial action with an indicative survey for hospital dental trainees who are BDA members working in England. The link will be sent directly to your inbox so keep an eye out for an email from us. While the BMA carries out the negotiations, we take decisions in relation to industrial action for our members.

We have put together a guide to help you understand what industrial action is and why we are undertaking this indicative survey to informally gauge your views prior to a potential formal ballot.

It is essential that you take this opportunity to share your views by close of play on Sunday 4 December. This survey will potentially lead to a ballot and dental trainees undertaking industrial action for only the second time. The survey is quick, and we have asked the minimum number of questions possible to gauge your views.

Based on the survey results, we will consider moving to a ballot of England hospital trainee members on industrial action on broadly the same timelines as the BMA if the results justify this action.