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Make your CPD statement

We are reminding registered dentists that they need to make their CPD statement to the GDC by 28 January 2024.

The cut-off date for CPD hours to be counted toward the statement was 31 December 2023. Any CPD undertaken during January 2024 cannot be counted towards last year’s hours.

All dentists will need to show they have met the requirement of having undertaken a minimum of 10 hours of verifiable CPD over the last two years. This means that if you declared six hours in your statement for 2022, you would need to declare at least four hours in your statement for 2023.

Dentists who reached the end of their five-year CPD cycle on 31 December 2023 need to show a total of 100 hours of verifiable CPD, while also meeting the 10-hours-over-two-years requirement.

Access the CPD certificates earned from our face-to-face events, on-demand webinars and online courses and make your CPD statement through the eGDC website.