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Mental health resources

We are acutely aware of the growing impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on our colleagues’ professional and personal lives. It's commonly accepted that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on our mental health.

However, the results of a recent report into the impact of the pandemic on dentists' mental health in Scotland has provided us with some fresh data on the impact the pandemic is having on our colleagues’ professional and personal lives. As many as 27% of survey respondents reported experiencing significant depressive symptoms during this period. Even more worrying still, 55% of primary care staff rated themselves as emotionally exhausted. These are deeply concerning figures.

To support you, we’ve been working jointly with the Scottish Government to produce a list of the mental health and wellbeing resources available to dentists and their teams across Scotland. This compilation highlights guidance and support resources available for you to draw on for help, as and when you may need it. Some of these are NHS only, but many are also open to private dentists and their teams. Whether you are struggling with financial issues, in need of some emotional support or are in psychological distress, know that you are not alone and that there are services out there which can help you.

We hope that these resources will prove useful to you and encourage you to share them with your colleagues. However, we’ve also been clear that the primary focus must be on prevention. On this, we’re pleased to see that NHS Education for Scotland (NES) has stated that it will incorporate dentists' mental health in its future work. BDA Scotland are in on-going discussions with NES on how we may contribute to this important issue and will keep you updated.