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New CQC provider portal

From 11 March, the CQC is launching a new provider portal. All dental providers can sign up, but until the launch date, you must wait for an email from the CQC entitled 'New CQC portal: sign up today'.

If you have a role registered with the CQC such as an individual or partner provider or a registered manager, you can use your email address associated with your CQC registration to create an account on the new portal. The portal aims to make it easier to submit any statutory notifications and complete various registration actions.

The existing portal will switch to read only on 11 March and will close on the 31 March. The information from the old portal will not transfer to the new one so you must ensure that you register and update your entries on the new one.

The CQC recommend that you download any registrations or other forms you are working on in the existing portal by 11 March; however, between 11 March and 31 March, you can still use the existing portal to view your data but not make any changes or submissions.

Essentially, you should make sure that all the contact details that the CQC holds for your organisation are correct. To do this, you should wait for an email from the CQC, but if it gets close to the end of March and you are one of the 11,500 CQC registered dental providers but have not received an email, you should still make sure to register.