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New guidance to control monkeypox transmission

The UK's four nations have issued new guidance to support healthcare professionals in response to the outbreak of monkeypox.

This guidance includes new measures aimed at managing the disease and preventing further spread now that community transmission is occurring in the UK.

The updated guidance states that:

  • People with possible, probable, or confirmed monkeypox should avoid contact with others
  • Contacts of someone with monkeypox will also be risk assessed and told to isolate for 21 days if necessary
  • Where possible, pregnant and immunosuppressed healthcare workers should not care for individuals with suspected or confirmed monkeypox
  • The minimum recommended personal protective equipment (PPE) for staff working with confirmed cases includes fit tested FFP3 respirators, aprons, eye protection and gloves
  • The minimum PPE for staff working with possible or probable cases includes fluid repellent surgical facemasks (FRSM), gowns, gloves, and eye protection.

UKHSA is working to support resilience in the healthcare system during the upcoming period and we will keep you updated with any further guidance.