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New pension remedy resolves age discrimination

A remedy has been announced to resolve age discrimination in public sector pensions in the UK. These changes will affect many dentists including, but not limited to, those on NHS Pension Scheme.

From 1 April 2022 all NHS workers will only have access to the 2015 NHS Pension Scheme, you will not be able to build up further pension in the legacy pension schemes.

It is possible that some colleagues who have Fixed or Enhanced Lifetime Allowance Protection, and who have continued to contribute to the NHS Pension Scheme, could lose this protection if they are moved into the new, 2015, Pension Scheme and contribute to this after 31 March 2022. This does not apply if you have Individual or Primary Lifetime Allowance Protection. The Scottish Public Pensions Agency have created a calculator to help estimate your retirement benefits.

For the remedy period from 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2022, you will be treated as members of the legacy 1995 or 2008 Pension Schemes – whichever is relevant depending on the date you joined the service.

These developments are positive and will see many receiving more money in retirement. At the point of retirement, you will be offered a choice of which scheme will apply to the pension you built up over the remedy period. This will either be the original legacy scheme, or the newer one. The choice is individual, and the same approach will not apply to each person. If these changes apply to you but you have already retired, your pension scheme should get in touch with you to discuss your choices with you, though this may take some time.

To support members, we have developed advice on these changes , to outline what they mean for you. There is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to determine which pension scheme is best for all. Our pensions team are happy to discuss your choices with you, although they cannot tell you what decision to make, they can provide information and answer your questions.