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Nominations for BDA elections are now open

If you're keen to represent your colleagues through one of our committees then you can put yourself forward as of today. Nominations are now open.

Every three years, we ask dentists to get involved and help set the direction of travel for the BDA.

Our committees are key to making sure the voice of the profession is heard by governments and administrations across the four countries of the UK.

Most importantly, they lead on negotiating:

  • contracts
  • pay
  • terms and conditions for dentists.

We have vacancies across a whole range of our committees as well as on our board of directors. If elected, you’ll start in January 2022.

To do their job well, our committees must be reflective of the profession they represent. We want input from all sectors of dentistry and we welcome interest from colleagues irrespective of age, gender, race and disability. Getting a breadth of views and experiences makes for better decision-making.

This year, we have also created specific early career seats on several committees, including key contract negotiating committees in each of the four UK nations.

To put yourself forward to relevant committees you just need to provide a statement about yourself. Find out which committees you could represent your peers on.

From November, your peers will be asked to make their choice and vote for their preferred candidates.

Please consider getting involved. The BDA is run by dentists for dentists. Together, we’re stronger.