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Referendum on proposed new contract package for SAS dentists

As your trade union, we participate in terms and conditions negotiations on behalf of our members.

We're currently working with BMA Scotland's SAS doctors committee (SSASC) looking at the contract package for SAS doctors and dentists and have ensured that the SAS dentist voice has been fed into this process. The BMA negotiates terms and conditions of services that SAS dentists are employed on, and this arrangement has been in place for many years.

BMA Scotland's SSASC has been negotiating with Scottish Government and NHS employers in Scotland on potential new contract terms and conditions for SAS doctors and dentists. They have presented the BMA with a full and final offer on two contracts – a new specialty doctor contract and a specialist grade contract.

BMA Scotland is putting this package to a referendum of their own members. After consideration and debate, we are endorsing this deal and believe it is the best agreement that could have been reached by the BMA via negotiation. We recommend that SAS dentists whose contract is impacted by this change vote to accept the deal as part of this referendum process.

We have sent an email to members who are eligible to vote, with information on how to take part in the ballot, which closes on Friday 18 November. If BMA Scotland accepts this offer and the new contracts are introduced, those who are affected will still have a choice about whether they as an individual want to move to these new contracts.

Following the closure of the voting period, BMA SSASC will meet to consider the outcome and formally decide whether to accept or reject the new contracts. If the contracts are accepted, then they will be implemented by Scottish Government as soon as possible via a Scottish Government circular.