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Set of new endorsed radiation templates to be released

In Scotland, the IRMER warranted officer/inspector to the Scottish Parliament has released a set of new endorsed Radiation Protection File, Employers Procedures templates.

These templates will be published fortnightly in three document bursts and are specifically intended for usage in general dental practices which will help practices comply and apply the regulations in a "more tailored and proportionate way."

The templates are written to address the specific nature of the challenges that are commonly found in general dental practices, as dental radiographs continue to be the most taken radiographs in the delivery of healthcare.

You will be able to modify the documents to reflect your practices specific requirements with additional material from the regulator to help explain what is legally required. The support package also includes videos and new poster templates.

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Looking for advice on this topic?

Members can access our radiation protection advice, which gives an overview on the legislation affecting the use of radiation equipment in the dental practice.
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