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Speaking up for dentists at party conferences

Each autumn all major British political parties gather for their annual conferences, and this year the BDA yet again attended two of the most important of these events – the Conservative and Labour Party gatherings – to make the case for dentistry.

Conferences are the main forum for political parties to share ideas and debate policy, so it's important that we, as the voice of dentists and dental students in the UK, are present to raise the profile of the issues facing dentists and ensure that policy makers take note of our concerns.

At both the Labour Party conference in Brighton and the Conservative conference in Manchester, we attended multiple fringe events on matters ranging from support for small business and the Government's "levelling up" agenda, to health inequalities and long-term funding for the NHS. We highlighted BDA's work in countless conversations with delegates, politicians from local and national government and other stakeholders, gathering useful information about upcoming developments which we will try and influence on members' behalf.

The two conferences were also an opportunity to renew relationships in an informal setting with MPs and Peers with whom we work throughout the year. We are pleased to have a number of keen advocates for dentistry in both houses and from all major parties – this soft relationship building is just as vital as formal letters and briefings, and helps us keep issues of importance to members on the political agenda.

For more information about our public affairs work please contact Public Affairs Manager Anna Wojnilko on [email protected].