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Support for NHS and mixed practices

The Welsh Government confirmed the new GDS contract options for NHS and mixed practice in 2022-23, and we have produced template associate agreements to support you with whichever option you choose.

The first option is the contract reform offer, which has been piloted in many practices. Payment will be based on metrics including completing 25% of the UDA target, fluoride varnish application, new patient acceptance, supply of services to existing patients and recall intervals in line with NICE guidance.

The second option is reverting to the UDA-only contract, where practices will be required to fulfil 95% of the annual contractual target and complete IPC requirements to ensure full payments are received.

Practice owners have been in touch with our Advice Team as they navigate these options and decide how to move forward. To support our members, we have produced advice on the options available.

We have also prepared two associate agreements for our members, one for each of the options.

We also have model contracts of employment if you feel more comfortable contracting with performers on an employed basis.

If you would like further advice or to discuss the options in more detail, our Extra and Expert members can call our advice line, 020 7935 0875 or email [email protected].