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Taking the temperature of dentistry: profession-wide survey

We are asking dentists across the UK to share their views on the recent pay uplift, the situation on contractual arrangements and the prospect for reform.

We need your feedback to help us shape our plans in the year ahead – please take our 5-minute survey.

Dentists are facing unprecedented pressure, in all fields of practice and in every UK nation. The recent pay uplifts go nowhere near even keeping pace with inflation, let alone addressing the real terms pay-cut dentists have endured over the last decade.

Terms and conditions in many fields of practice are outdated and not fit for purpose, and we need to keep up the pressure, to ensure meaningful change.

We need to hear your views on the ways you might consider pitching in to help push decision-makers to act, so we can amplify our efforts and be the collective voice for dentistry.

BDA Chair, Eddie Crouch said: "I urge all colleagues to let us know their views by filling out this survey. I know so many of us are frustrated. Pay awards that fail to keep pace with inflation. Terms and conditions that are not fit for purpose. Reform that always seems out of reach.

"It is time for change, and with your help, we believe we can get a better deal for dentistry."