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Tell us about the pressures you face in our short GDP survey

We want to understand your views on NHS pay, dentists leaving the field, and patient access to vital services. Make sure your voice gets heard at the most pivotal moment for the profession in decades.

There is too much at stake to let politicians and not dentists decide our future. The British public list dentistry as one of their main concerns for the Government to address as well. The next couple of months will be enormously important for the future of UK dentistry and we want to make sure that you as dentists, the real experts, get your say.

Your pay is at stake

We want appropriate and fair uplifts on pay and contract expenses for dentists, but we need your help. Government and the public need to know your opinions on what is happening in our field so that we can explain precisely how pay and funding affect the future of the industry and the future of UK dental provision.

Surveys are quick, anonymous, and your data is secure

It only takes 10 minutes to share your views, and it will be extremely valuable to us. We understand that pay is a very personal and sensitive issue, so your answers are completely confidential.

Is this survey news to you? Please check your junk folder

On Friday 14 June we emailed the survey to all practice owners and associates in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, along with a large sample in England. If you have not seen it, then please check your spam folder for an email entitled “Have your say! - DDRB 2024/25 pay uplift”. If you have any questions, please contact us.