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The return of face-to-face support for Scottish dental students

As part of our commitment to visit universities, we were pleased to be hosted by Glasgow and Dundee Dental School over the summer.

After being online the last two years, the event marked the first physical meeting with students in Scotland since the start of the pandemic.

Andrea Ogden, our Undergraduate and Career Development Lead gave a talk on the recruitment process for Scottish Vocational Training, as well as national recruitment for England, Northern Ireland, and Wales. She also spoke about our work in Scotland, particularly our support for Scottish students during the pandemic.

"It was great to kick off the start of this academic year in Scotland with some fantastic groups of students. The types of discussion and engagement were far greater than what we have achieved online in the previous two years. Plus, it was wonderful to have the chance to speak individually to students, many of whom are already passionate about issues facing their profession.

"We talked about the benefits of expanding their network through branches and sections or writing articles for the BDJ portfolio. Although technology has enabled us to continue to deliver our support for undergraduates throughout the pandemic, it is clear that face-to-face interactions allow us to build connections and understand the concerns facing our undergraduates to a degree that is not possible online."

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