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Wales: Make sure you’re ready to recycle your business waste

From 6 April 2024, it became law in Wales for all businesses, charities and public sector organisations to sort their waste for recycling. This includes dental surgeries.

The only workplace that has an additional 2 years to comply is NHS hospitals and private hospitals. The Welsh Government introduced this law to improve the quality and quantity of how waste is collected and separated.

The new law includes separating the materials listed below for recycling. Workplaces will also need to arrange for the waste to be collected separately from other waste:

  • Paper and card
  • Glass
  • Metal, plastic, and cartons and other similar packaging (for example coffee cups)
  • Food – only for premises that produce more than 5kg of food waste a week
  • Unsold small waste electrical and electronic equipment (sWEEE)
  • Unsold textiles.

Putting all the waste into a single bin will not be allowed if any of the above materials are in there. You will need to consider what additional bins you require and who will collect them. Each group of materials must be kept separate from each other and before putting items in recycling bins think about whether you can reuse them for something else.

Glass must be collected on its own, but workplaces can collect metal, plastic and cartons together in the same container; Paper and card can also be mixed in the same container. All workplaces in Wales will be required to follow the new law.

It is the occupiers of a workplace who must ensure recycling is separated for collection. If multiple workplaces are in a shared location, each individual organisation is responsible but may need to agree with the landlord or facilities manager if a central recycling system is needed.