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Wales: Statutory body set to improve health and social care services

From 1 April 2023 the new independent statutory body LLAIS has been introduced by the Welsh Government to give the people of Wales more power and influence in shaping their health and social care services.


The Citizen Voice Body for Health and Social Care, operationally known as Llais, aims to be an inclusive, independent, and leading voice for people centred health and social care services. Through their work they seek to understand the public's views and experiences of health and social care, while ensuring those views are taken into consideration by decision-makers to shape your services.

By learning from and building on the work of the 7 'Community Health Councils' that represented the views of NHS patients in Wales, they aim to work with communities and those involved in the design and delivery of health and social care services locally, regionally, and nationally.

In their first 100 day plan they express the desire to work with people in Wales to build a strong foundation where mutual respect, inclusivity, and independence will build a stronger voice for people in health and social care services.

This extensive plan includes the launching of a national public consultation on the proposed missions and strategic priorities, working with communities to create simple and accessible ways for them to connect with their services and setting up a strong regional presence in the areas matching the 7 Regional Partnership Boards in Wales. These bring together NHS bodies, local authorities, and the third sector to support those specific areas. They are committed to help make a real difference to the communities in all parts of Wales.

These are unprecedented times for our health and social care system and those working within it. Llais highlights the relentless demand, helping commissioners face the difficult decisions and continue the conversation about potential changes, sharing people's voices and ensuring that decision-makers meaningfully consider these views.

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