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What’s new at the CQC?

Under the single assessment framework, the CQC has – for non-dental sectors – started to assess health and social care services in a different way, although the regulations have not changed.

Although processes are proposed to change at the CQC, most things are expected to stay the same as far as dentistry is concerned. Essentially, an inspection under the new system will not look substantially different to those conducted now. There are specific matters which define what dental practise covers, and they are already being inspected.

As before, two-weeks’ notice will be given and approximately 10% of practices will be inspected. The CQC will also prioritise practices which have not been inspected for some time, or those which have never been inspected since registration. The inspection system will still run on the well-known five key questions – is the practice, safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led?

There will be more emphasis on “the voice of people using services” which will include asking staff for views on working at the practice. To help meet this, we will be developing survey templates for members to use.

The inspection reports will also change slightly, making them more relevant. Reports have been shortened in recent years, but this further alteration will make them more user friendly and is a change we have been requesting for some time.

It has been confirmed that dentistry will not be joining the ranks of services that are rated, as current legislation does not allow it. This means that it will remain a binary judgement if a practice will - or will not - meet the regulations. We understand that the re-brand will happen with effect from late May 2024, and will keep you up to date with any further changes.