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Will your MP speak up for dentistry?

We have worked to secure a debate on NHS dentistry in the House of Commons on Thursday 27 April – ensure your MP will be there to represent you.

Send them a message – it only takes 5 minutes. You can find the email details of your MP here.

Your story can be powerful. Show how the crisis this service now faces is impacting on your practice and the patients you treat:

  1. Your MP is your voice in parliament. Ask your MP to commit to attend the debate on 27 April and to call for fundamental, urgent change.
  2. The exodus is in motion. The current NHS dental contract punishes dentists. Over half of dentists in England report having reduced their NHS commitment since the start of the pandemic – and this is shift is going unseen in official data. Let your MP know what you are experiencing and why.
  3. Cuts during an access crisis. 'Clawback' is on track for a record high of over £400 million. It is utterly perverse funds are being lost when millions are struggling to access care. If you expect to be hit, explain how this will impact your practice and the patients you treat.
  4. Mass closures are hitting millions. Let your MP know the same pressures are being felt in thousands of practices.
  5. Tweaks to a failed contract won't cut it. The Government has introduced marginal changes to the NHS dental contractual framework, with no additional funding. Explain how much impact these changes have had on your ability to deliver NHS dental care.

When emailing your MP you must include your postcode, and please copy in [email protected] so we can follow this up with them on your behalf.

Please do also get in touch through [email protected] if you need any advice, guidance, or data on your local area.

We will continue to keep up the pressure in Parliament and the press.