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Write to your MP: National lockdown and NHS targets

We are encouraging all GDPs in England to contact their MPs about NHS England’s untenable quarter four targets.

Under current restrictions the imposition of NHS activity targets is now impossible to justify.

We have helped secure a debate in parliament on the support for practices on 14 January. So, if you have 5 minutes, write your MP to make your case that NHS England must change tack, and encourage them to attend and speak up against these targets. You can find the email details of your MP here.

That’s why, we are asking members to make 3 key points in their message:

  1. These targets are the wrong choice, at the wrong time. COVID rates are surging, and many patients will understandably be reluctant to attend. Equally, why are ministers encouraging potentially unsafe volumes of patients into practices?
  2. These targets are bad for practices and bad for patients. Tell them about the challenges you face meeting these targets given current restrictions, and the impact this will have on your practice. Explain how perverse targets will force dentists to focus on routine cases, over the huge backlog of urgent cases that need priority.
  3. Get them to take action. Ask your MP to write to Minister for Dentistry Jo Churchill insisting these targets are abandoned. Ask them to attend the debate on 14 January to speak up for better support for practices.

When you email them, please copy in [email protected] and our team can follow up your email with some detailed briefing.