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Capita and Performers List: a dentist down the rabbit hole

Blog Author Anonymous

Blog Date 10/03/2017

​I recently qualified as a dentist in the UK, spending thousands of pounds on applications, registration, exams, CPD and preparation courses to be able to work in the UK.

However, I now find myself falling down a rabbit hole.

After years of slog and sacrifice (and with the ongoing patience of my family), I finally thought, this is it, it's my moment, and I'm able now to work as a dentist, doing what I love and giving the best to my patients.

But this has not happened.

I completed my (expensive) registration with the General Dental Council, and started applying for jobs. But every time I spoke to recruiters, I hit the roadblock of the problem of not having a performer number.

I went online to check who I needed to apply to for my NPL1 to be attached to the national Performers List. I gathered all the necessary documentation and information together and send my application to the email signposted online.

But what followed was a complete farce.

I got an email straight back saying that the email address was no longer in use and I had to send it to another email address.

I got no confirmation that this email had been received and my application was being processed. A month later, still no word and I finally found a phone number to call up to check on my application.

I asked them about the status of my application, but they didn't know anything. I was assigned a case number and they said I was 'high priority'.

Another month later, and I've still heard nothing.

My family and I have been left out in the cold, I'm financially in deficit due to the incompetence of Capita's bureaucracy.

I haven't been able to work for about five months now, I have lost potentially around £15K of pre-tax earnings.

I'm paying my GDC registration fee and my indemnity insurance, and yet I am not able to work.

The confusion and chaos, and the resulting stress that I have been subject to is wholly unacceptable.

I hope that no other dentist has to go through what I have.

Anonymous dentist

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