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Combatting stress: you aren't alone

Blog Author Harman Chahal

Blog Date 23/11/2017



Stress. We've all got it. Stress at home, stress at work. Most of the time we can deal with it. But what happens when the stress is piled on and on and on and we can't handle it? We must use our support networks, these can be our family, our friends, or our profession around us.

That is what the BDA is there as dentists helping dentists. The local branches and sections provide a network for us to educate ourselves along, socialise with, but importantly - among all this - is to form those links so you can ask for help when you need it, or more importantly for people to notice and offer to help or support you, if you are in need of it.

We're currently undertaking a survey to look into the causes of stress, I encourage you to respond – your answers will help us make the case for better resources and support for the profession.


Our free course on tackling stress can help you identify the triggers and start to deal with them.


Help us push for better

How can you have a part in the dialogue with the GDC to help negotiate the change? Elections are now open for the BDA committees including the principal executive committee.

It's important you take action, and vote for the people you feel can push things forward. Speak to the candidates, find out what they are standing for, which is easier than ever in the advent of social media.

Another area of action is on combatting cases of mouth cancer, and we have been supporting Mouth Cancer Action Month.

We all know early diagnosis is the key to a better prognosis. It falls on us to always be vigilant and to educate our patients to attend for regular recalls for screening: in this way we all play our part.

If you've got involved in MCAM, get in touch and tell us, we'd love to hear about what you've been doing.

Harman Chahal

Chair, Young Dentists Committee


Postscript: Jimmy Steele

It's with great sadness that we've reported that Professor Jimmy Steele passed away earlier this month. We have has made freely available his lecture on oral health, epidemiology and the British way of life, which he gave at our Anniversary Lecture on 2 July 2015, to help honour his immense contribution to the profession.


Young Dentist Committee member Rob Chaffe, also gives his tribute in a blog. Other colleagues have left their tributes on our Facebook post, do add yours, if you'd like add a memory.