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Get involved and make a positive difference

Blog Author Hamzah Ahmed

Blog Date 15/10/2018

​I am a Specialty Registrar in Restorative Dentistry at Dundee Dental Hospital & School. Prior to this, I was working part-time in general dental practice and as a Clinical Teacher supervising undergraduate dental students.

Being involved in charity work throughout school and university, I have always had an interest in supporting others. 

Getting involved in the BDA's committees gave me an opportunity to meet other dentists, share ideas and problems, as well as learn from some of the very best. 

It encouraged me to join the Young Dentist Committee and Scottish Council to represent and vocalise some of the problems facing dentists in Scotland.

Dentistry is a great profession, but it can also be stressful. The problems we face are similar no matter where we work across the UK. 

The BDA has some fantastic resources for its members and which have helped me in tough times too!

With our support the BDA can continue to thrive. If you believe in making a positive difference, get yourself involved!

Hamzah Ahmed BDAHamzah Ahmed, Speciality Registrar

BDA elections 2018: take a seat on our board

Five seats are up for election on our Principal Executive Committee (our 'board). We are looking for passionate and proactive people to step up and lead the BDA, as well as steer the future of dentistry. If you've got what it takes, nominate yourself now.