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Primary Care Home: one LDC's experience

Blog Author Bernard Alston

Blog Date 08/02/2018

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Primary care home (PCH) is a new approach to strengthening and redesigning primary care and aims to bring together a range of health and social care professionals, to provide better and more joined-up care for the local community.

We recently got an opportunity to become involved in the primary care home pilot in Fleetwood

The pilot group in our area were extremely welcoming and prepared to embrace the inclusion of oral health in their work, and we were delighted to be on board. We succeeded in getting oral health as a priority on their agenda and I have been designated their oral health lead.

We are now working up supporting schemes thanks to some innovative flexible commissioning from the Lancashire and South Cumbria Area Team.

To date we have:

  • Adopted the Mouth Care Matters programme and adapted it to suit the needs of the PCH pilot
  • Generic consistent oral health promotion advice is being developed by Dental Public Health and will be distributed across all healthcare professionals
  • We are implementing our oral health for the elderly in care homes pilot programme delivered by local GDPs
  • We are working with the local trust's Drugs and Substance Misuse Team to provide dental services delivered by local GDPs
 Advantages of early engagement:
  • The NHS is constantly changing and it is essential that we keep dentistry on the agenda
  • If we get involved at the beginning, then the correct oral health messages and advice can be included in the evolving concept
  • Early involvement will also enable reference to be made to the need for future GDP contracts to reflect the different ways of working in order to make it all possible

We are keen to write up our work on this PCH pilot and we hope to submit a paper to the BDJ, to explain it more fully.

We highly recommend that you look to see if there is a PCH pilot in your area and to get involved if so. If you'd like to know more about what we have been doing, then please get in touch.

Bernard Alston

Secretary, Lancashire and South Cumbria LDC Executive