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Starting out as a DCT

Blog Author Karishma Chouglay

Blog Date 29/09/2017

I have just started my Dental Core Trainee post in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in a hospital.


This role is completely different to my dental foundation training post last year in dental practice, mainly due to the working hours.


I have to do on calls which involve working on some week nights or weekends. It has taken some time to adjust to this but I am enjoying the variety of work that comes my way in the hospital, especially through the doors of A&E.


An average day starts at 7.45am with a ward round with a mix of consultants, registrars, staff grade doctors and my fellow dental core trainees.


The person who was on call the night before leads the ward round and updates us on all the patients we are looking after.


After this, we all go our separate ways to either clinics (where we triage the referred patients), minor operations (where we carry out extractions and biopsies under local anaesthetic) or theatre (where procedures are carried out under general anaesthetic - anything from extractions to osteotomies to free flap surgeries).


For me, being a dentist is about being a professional member that can help society. I have a role in protecting patients and providing them with a service for their benefit.

The best part of my job is bringing a smile to my patient's face, whether that is by being a friendly face, or by restoring their smile to bring their confidence back.


Karishma-Manji-crop-portrait.jpgKarishma Chouglay



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