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The future is now and the future is you

Blog Author Harman Chahal

Blog Date 28/09/2017

BDA-blog-student-success-670x447.jpg​Elections. I was on about them last time and I’m on about them now. They are upon us and it is important for you to stand for them so you can help shape the strategy and direction of the BDA. The profession needs proactive people who are willing to push the profession forward with a vision of the future. If you’re interested or know someone who you think would be well suited for it then take a look at and nominate yourself or encourage a colleagues/friend to step up.


But what does the future entail? The buzzword of the moment in healthcare is digital. You can’t help walk around a trade show without a plethora of digital scanners being shoved in your face. But is this what digital is about? Not quite.


As well as clinical work such as scanning and milling it encompasses patient data management but maybe not quite in the way you think.


Beyond the use of computer notes there is the notion of automatically generated patient notes from your discussion with your patient. Such a potential time saver and also a way to not forget part of what you’ve discussed which is only human.


The ability for patients to book appointments and check in electronically will free up staff for other duties and relieve pressure. Digital technology used correctly can help free up resources that can be deployed elsewhere more effectively.


But we’ve got get the infrastructure in place first. Is there the political will power to make this happen?  We will have to wait and see.


Surina Bhola is also thinking about the future: in her latest blog she talks about her transition from DCT1 to DCT2. It’s important that as well as looking at the future, we take stock of where we are.


While we can always look forward and we often do. It is far too easy to forget to enjoy the view of where you are at now. Try it now. Take a look outside and think about where you are and how you got there, the hard work it’s taken you.


Then give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it. And now you can look to the next phase of your life!


Harman ChahalHarman Chahal

Chair, Young Dentists Committee



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