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The vision behind dental loupes

Blog Author Dr Saeid Haghri

Blog Date 12/09/2018



​Dental Roots concentrates on education and putting qualified dentists and dental students in contact. Our readers often ask the same questions about loupes:

  • When should I buy dental loupes?
  • How much should I spend?
  • What magnification should I get?
  • Which company should I go to?

A recent poll we ran revealed that 41.6 per cent of students use dental loupes, which is very impressive.

I could say one of the other benefits of loupes is that you see better, but I think that is a bit obvious. It is much beyond that. Using loupes, in my opinion, is caring for your patients; if you can't see well, how can you provide them with the best quality of care?

In fact, when signing up associates for our clinics, one of our requirements is that they should wear loupes. We all treat our patients to the highest level possible and if we are to get another dentist on board who could potentially be seeing our patients, they would need to be able to see the same picture.

Loupes are eye openers – literally. When you first start using loupes it hits you - what did you do all the time that you were not wearing loupes? You almost get scared to know how much you did not see.

We all want to do our best for our patients and follow the golden rule: Do good to others as you would like good to be done to you. So, if you prefer to see a professional treating you with magnification, there is no reason that you would not do the same for your own patients. 

Dental loupes – an eye opener

Patients are very observant. After all, remember that for most of the time they are in your surgery their mouth is open, which leaves more time for their other senses to pick up on everything. 

They will know if you care for them, and using loupes, in my opinion, and a good brand, means you cared to invest in your patients for their wellbeing.

If you asked me for straight advice: I would say you should never underinvest in your career.

Get loupes as soon as you can. If you can in university that's the best idea.

Spend enough money to get a good pair of loupes that you would use for many years to avoid double expense.

Get loupes with which you can change the magnification, or at least get one with high enough magnification that will serve you for a few years. For example, 3x for check-up, 4x for crown preparations and 5x for endodontics.

I recommend that you choose a company with a good track record, good customer service and good reviews.


Dr Saeid Haghri
Dental Roots 

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