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Uplifts: ensuring everyone gets their fair share

Blog Author Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen

Blog Date 24/08/2017

​​So we finally have confirmation of an uplift.


But yet again we have been given an effective pay cut, and this will continue to jeopardise the long term sustainability of NHS general dental practice.

Both associates and practice owners have been clobbered by pay restraint and declining incomes over the last decade.

However this means that it’s time to consider how that uplift is shared, so everyone is fairly remunerated for the work they do.

We believe associates should look to the DDRB’s independent award for an indication of an expected uplift in their own income.

Associates may consider this a good opportunity to ask for an annual review and the BDA offers some top tips on how to go about this and we’d encourage all practice owners to have this discussion and involve their associates in helping to ensure the viability and success of the practice.

The GDPC recognises that practice incomes have been under enormous pressure for many years and any decision on pay creases for associates will be influenced by the squeeze on their finances in recent years.

However, the GDPC would expect practices to recognise that associate income has also been declining significantly in real terms, and to reflect the DDRB uplift in associate pay wherever possible.

As it is becoming more and more difficult to find new associates, it would seem good business sense to retain good associates by offering something that will help keep their pay levels progressing and make them feel they are being fairly remunerated.

Henrik Overgaard Nielsen, 2016 (4).jpgHenrik Overgaard Nielsen
Chair, General Dental Practice Committee

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