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We are the NHS: standing up for dentistry

Blog Author Janine Doughty

Blog Date 18/11/2015

hospital juniors campaigning to save NHS

​We are the patients

We are the recipients as well as the purveyors of healthcare. There will be times in our lives when we will have emergencies, when we will race into hospital – for our parents, for our children, for ourselves, and we put our faith into our trusted junior doctors.


But if the proposed junior doctor contract is imposed, we and our loved ones stand to be met with tired, burned-out, unfairly-paid, overworked and frankly unsafe medical staff. Isn't it time we stand up against this?


We are the friends and family

We are the friends of our hospital-based dental and medical colleagues, many of us may even be their family. The impact of the proposed junior doctor contract could see our comrades financially disadvantaged when taking time out to have a family, could see them lose time with their children and respective others, miss out on friendships, on hobbies, on quality-of-life, without fair or adequate remuneration for their efforts.


Isn't now the time we stand up against this?


We are the professionals

We are the ones they will come for next. Dentists, physiotherapists, nurses, pharmacists, speech and language therapists – any and all healthcare professionals. Who will stand up for us? And who will stand up for our patients?


Shouldn't we be standing up already?

So, if not for the junior doctors, then stand up for yourselves as the patients, the friends, the family and the professionals of the medical sphere. Stand up against the systematic deconstruction of one of the most efficient healthcare services in the world. Stand up to protect our most valuable asset: the junior doctors who hold the future of our NHS in their hands.


I am a young dentist and I am choosing to stand.


Stand with us: #wearetheNHS


Janine Doughty
Clinical Fellow in Special Care Dentistry
Chair of BDA East Midlands Young Dentist Group @EastmidsYDG


Working for you: pay and conditions

The BDA fights for fairer terms and conditions for all dentists.


Find out more about the proposed hospitals juniors contract on our website and please show your support on the BDA's social media.