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What’s it like being a... clinical lecturer and head of admissions? Jo Batt

Blog Author Jo Batt

Blog Date 25/01/2019

​Jo Batt is Clinical Lecturer in Restorative Dentistry and Admissions Tutor for Dentistry at the School of Dentistry, University of Birmingham. She tells us about her day...




My alarm goes off….

At 6.20, although usually I'm awake before then as my youngest daughter doesn't yet understand the joy of sleep! There's then a morning flurry of getting children ready for childcare, getting myself looking presentable and avoiding getting too much Weetabix splattered on my clothes, before I leave for work. I drive for about an hour to work at the Birmingham Dental Hospital which is where the School of Dentistry where I work is based.


I'm responsible for…

My main responsibilities involve overseeing the admissions process for the BDS degree, teaching restorative dentistry in a number of settings, as well as teaching on specialist endodontic and conservative dentistry undergraduate clinics.

I also have a number of scientific projects on the go following on from my PhD which involve cell culture and lab work, as well as having my own clinics where I see patients based in the Restorative Department of the Hospital… so no two days are ever the same!


I got the job!

After being in general practice for a few years post qualification, I relocated to the Midlands and wanted a new challenge.

I began doing some locum teaching sessions and when a full-time job became available, I applied for it, and here I am seven years later!

In that time I have learnt a huge amount, travelled to some amazing places, completed a PhD, had two children, and built a role for myself which I can honestly say I really enjoy.


My typical day

Is really varied which is the main reason I like my job.

I might be supervising a clinic of students treating patients, having meetings within the University related to admissions, organising the interview sessions for new undergraduates, designing an experiment related to my research, or meeting with students to discuss clinical cases or elective projects.

There is no typical day and there are always unexpected things to deal with to keep life interesting! 

The worst part of my job…

The only thing which can be tricky to deal with is that some weeks, I literally do not have enough minutes to achieve everything on my "to do" list.

Having said that though, this job is great if you enjoy managing your own time which is one thing which suits me.

The best part of my job…

The contact with students is really rewarding and the variety of the things I get involved in keeps my job really interesting.

I am the Head of Admissions for the School, which means I have a responsibility to look at how and who we give places on the BDS degree course too which is a huge task – there is an enormous amount of work which goes on behind the scenes which I really did not appreciate when I applied to dental school!


After work…


I collect my eldest from nursery on my way home and the circus of bath and bedtime starts.

Some days I might go to boxing training at my local gym, but more often I like to cook dinner and relax by reading or watching trashy TV!

Outside work hours I am usually found at the park, softplay or making dens with my two small people (…how parenthood has changed me!)


My Plan B

I love food, so it would definitely be something food related – maybe not a chef but my dream would be to study patisserie in Paris. And obviously sampling everything just to check for quality control!

Joanna Batt profile picJoanna Batt, Clinical Lecturer in Restorative Dentistry & Admissions Tutor for Dentistry
School of Denitstry, University of Birmingham

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