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What’s it like being a... GDP in a dental corporate with an interest in implants? Kunal Rai

Blog Author Kunal Rai

Blog Date 25/03/2019

Kunal Rai works as a GDP for a dental corporate in West Yorkshire and is currently working towards an MSc in implantology. He tell us about his day...



My alarm goes off…

… at 5.30am every morning (I try very hard to not push the snooze button!). As soon as I wake up, I check my emails, messages and then prepare myself for a quick morning workout. This fills my morning with positive energy.

Once my morning routine is complete, which also includes waking up my two-year-old and yes brushing her teeth (as a true dentist), I make my way to work in the car listening to podcasts (related to science and technology) or classical music.

The journey to work takes about 20-30 minutes on a good day so by the time I reach I'm ready for the day!


I am responsible for…

I am part of a large team (4-surgery practice) at Bupa Dental Care based in Pontefract. Historically a mining area – we have a good mix of patients from low socio-economic background to well-placed professionals. 

I provide general dentistry within the practice, with special interest in restorative dentistry and facial aesthetics. Being booked up several weeks in advance, I use extra sessions like on a Friday and a Saturday for aesthetics and bespoke dentistry.

I am currently working towards my MSc in implantology.


I got the job

I graduated in dentistry in 2015 after initially doing a BSC degree.


I have been with Bupa for over three years working as an associate, but I endeavour to have my own practice in the near future working alongside my wife who graduated as a dentist in 2009 and did her MSc in Endodontics in 2014.

My typical day

My day usually consist of around treating 20-30 patients; this may entail general consultations, exams, emergencies and various other treatments. My first patient is booked in for 8am and my last patient around 5.45pm.

In the morning I will go through the patient list with my nurse so we can plan our day and get all the necessary work ready. I normally finish the day going through letters and sending off any necessary referrals.


Worst part of my job

Scheduling challenges being the first one: not being able to see all my patients on a given day due to emergency cases, and secondly, poor dental hygiene; for example, I am always surprised by patients who cannot remember the last time they had brushed their teeth.


They usually have a thick wall of tartar built around their teeth and I on most occasions have to refer them to the hygienist before I can carry out any further examination or treatment.


Best part of my job

Due to the flexibility of the job with this profession, it allows us to, where possible, dedicate ample time in our diaries to patients when needed and on a case by case basis.  

Also knowing that you've helped your patients have a satisfactory smile, bringing back their confidence – this is such a great feeling.


After work

When I am not at work I am usually out and about with my 2-year-old daughter; filling her time with lots of fun outdoor and indoor activities – anything to tire her out, so we can all have a good sleep!

At other times, I am mostly seen at golf course.


My plan B

If I was not a dentist, I would like to think I would have been an astronaut exploring outer space!

kunal-rai-thumbnail-125px.jpgKunal Rai, GDP 



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