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What’s it like being... a high-street dentist with an interest in cosmetic dentistry? Kunal Desai

Blog Author Kunal Desai

Blog Date 19/11/2018

Kunal Desai works as a high-street dentist in a busy mixed dental practice in Kent. He tells us about his day..





My alarm goes off….

I wake up at 7am everyday and there she is waiting for me… my Weetabix. After making light work of my breakfast, I normally like to have a protein shake and take my multi vitamins.

Once my morning ritual is over I jump in my car and off I go to my home away from home.


I'm responsible for…

I am part of a large team at the Manor Park Dental Practice, based in Kent. Having been here for five years now, I have built up a busy patient list ranging from new born children to my eldest patient of 93.

I provide general dental care five days a week but have a special interest in Invisalign and other minimally invasive cosmetic treatments.

Being booked up weeks in advanced I use extra clinics; Wednesday evenings and Saturdays to provide bespoke dentistry and create natural smiles.

During my time at the practice I have built many friendships and a great rapport not only with staff but all my patients, which is key to me enjoying my job and practice life.


I got the job!

I've always known I wanted to become a dentist and despite some early setbacks, I was able to graduate with an honours degree in dentistry from Barts And The London.

I was kindly offered an associate position half way through my foundation training by my trainer at the time -  Raj Rattan.

Having grabbed this opportunity with both hands I haven't looked back and have continued to strive for better.


I have invested over the years in my continued development and have completed many courses including fixed anterior alignment, Invisalign and a year-long course in aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry.

I always knew my career path would be directed towards general dental practice life, rather than a hospital training pathway, as cosmetic dentistry is where my passion is.


My typical day


Before the first patient I like to sit at the computer with my cup of tea and look through my day list, seeing what the day will bring.

After debating with my nurse about what radio station to listen to, before I know it its 9:01am and we are late for our first patient!

My day usually consists of around 25-35 patients and includes examinations, consultations and various treatments.

My patients and colleagues know how attention to detail, punctuality and determination to do things correctly are important to me, and I try and make sure patients receive the best standard of care.

When I'm not building rapport with my lovely patients, I'm joking around with my nurse or the reception team.

When time allows, I like to take artistic photos of anything I can get my hands on… lab work, before and after photos of treatment, and even just getting some general stock photos for my Instagram account.

My biggest achievement to date

Hmm… Getting married, and this blog of course!

The worst part of my job…

As we are a busy practice trying to find time for all the all my patients can be incredibly stressful, as I have known my patients for some time now, so I do what I can to squeeze them in, or I work late in order to make sure they are not waiting too long for appointments.

However, sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day.

The best part of my job...

The best part of my job is lunchtime, my stomach usually starts rumbling at about 11am.

On a more serious note, I enjoy making patients feel more confident about themselves through their smile. The satisfaction I gain from this cannot be measured.

After work…

After work nothing beats heading to the gym and relieving all the stress from the day.

I am a beloved Arsenal FC fan, so when able my brother and I enjoy going to watch them play. I also enjoying catching up with all my friends over drinks or a meal.

I believe in giving to charities as I am lucky enough to be able to. I'm proud to regularly donate to 'The Pink Ball', South East London Breast Cancer trust which my father has an integral role in.


My Plan B


If I wasn't a dentist I would like to think I would be an international cricket player, like everyone else in the world, but injury to my shins nipped that career track in the bud. It was all over before it even started.

In an ideal world, I would travel from country to country exploring and capturing all there is to see - David Attenborough-esque style!



kunal-desai-portrait-120px.jpgKunal Desai, GDP



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