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'Mentoring' Blog Posts

  • What’s it like being a... clinical mentor, associate dentist and safeguarding lead? Trisha Patel

    Trisha Patel is an associate dentist at a large, six-surgery practice in Newham. Part of her role includes mentoring dentists from overseas and having the responsibility for being the safeguarding lead in her dental practice. She tells us about her day...

    Blog Date 15 October, 2019

  • Too scared to do your job? The challenges facing younger dentists today

    It’s a well-known fact that many patients still fear their dentist. What is perhaps less well known amongst the general public is just how scared many newly-qualified dentists feel about treating their patients, for fear of receiving complaints and the nightmare of ending up in front of an FTP hearing.

    Blog Date 24 July, 2019

  • BDA Branches and Sections: photography competition

    We're looking for pictures to help show the depth and breadth of activities that our branches and sections, and young dentists groups get involved in, across the UK - take part in our photography competition.

    Blog Date 10 October, 2018

  • Five top tips on mentoring and finding a mentor

    Janine Brooks makes the case for why mentoring in the dental professional needs to get serious, and she offers some tips and tools to help you make the most of mentoring.

    Blog Date 24 September, 2018

  • Three young dentist hacks from the YDC #1

    Three top tips from the BDA's Young Dentists Committee to help you get ahead in your career.

    Blog Date 25 July, 2018

  • Can stress be your friend?

    Can stress be a good thing? We know that working in dentistry can be stressful, but we take a look at some of the ways that you can deal with stress and have a successful career.

    Blog Date 26 June, 2018

  • Could a robot replace you? Dentistry and our future

    Young Dentist Committee Chair Nikki Patel explains why robots aren't likely to be replacing dentists anytime soon, but why we all dentists need to be aware of the changing landscape for dentistry and take part.

    Blog Date 26 March, 2018

  • Inspiring dentists to be the best they can be

    On International Women’s Day, MJ Rowland-Warmann tells us what inspired her to set up her private practice and why it’s important that there are successful female role models for younger dentists.

    Blog Date 8 March, 2018

  • Dentistry: it's all of our futures

    In his last blog as Young Dentist Committee Chair, Harman Chahal reflects on the future of dentistry and the importance of young dentists' getting involved.

    Blog Date 25 January, 2018

  • Dentistry and diversity: a student dentist's view

    Zahra Haque has just started a dental degree this year and is the recipient of a Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Scholarship, which helps support students through mentoring and funding. Zahra tells us why she chose dentistry, and gives her thoughts on diversity in the profession.

    Blog Date 25 September, 2017

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